Our businesses succeed on the strength of our people’s skills, creativity and insight. Leading employment practices enable us to recruit and retain talented people, giving us the experience and skills to serve our clients across all locations and disciplines.

Inclusion and diversity
We aim to create inclusive and diverse workplaces and to achieve balanced representation of men and women at all levels of the organisation.

This brings us a double benefit. We can widen our talent pool and with a client base that is itself enormously diverse, we are better placed to meet client needs and to understand and connect with consumers in every market and every sector.

Gender balance is a particular focus and we have launched a number of programs to further enable the development of female leaders, at both the local and global levels. This includes training for senior leaders, awareness raising on unconscious bias, sponsorship, networking and mentoring programs.

Training and education
We invest in training, developing bespoke programs that build professional skills and equip our people to meet our clients’ changing needs.

We offer paid internships and apprenticeships and support education outside of WPP to increase social mobility and encourage talented and diverse young people to pursue careers in the marketing industry.

Health and wellbeing
We support our employees to maintain good physical and mental health. Each WPP company provides a holistic and integrated set of health, safety and wellness support for employees from employee assistance programs to health screening and subsidised gym memberships.

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Extract from a speech made by Sir Martin Sorrell on the importance of gender balance at the Inspirational Journey Conference 2014.

Gender balance isn’t a ‘women’s issue’. It’s a core business issue that’s relevant to any company wanting to be successful in today’s market. Research shows businesses with a gender-balanced leadership outperform their peers. And with women accounting for 60% of university graduates and responsible for 80% of consumer purchasing decisions this is an issue of access to talent and access to markets too.

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP

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Recent performance

29% female representation on the WPP Board of Directors following 2015 AGM

46% of senior managers are women

26% employees from ethnic minorities in the UK and US £73.9m spend on training and welfare

5,911 paid internships and apprenticeships globally at WPP companies