Apology by Richard Pinder, COO Publicis Worldwide, to Sir Martin Sorrell

17 June, 2010

On 21 April 2010 the Economic Times published an article with the headline "Advertising industry is changing fast after recession" based on an interview with Richard Pinder of Publicis. The article has been understood as containing an attack on Sir Martin Sorrell and WPP. Richard Pinder has made it clear to WPP and The Economic Times that he did not intend to make any such attack. He has written a letter to the Economic Times, available on the Publicis.com website, in which he apologises to Sir Martin Sorrell for the distress and embarrassment caused by the use of his comments in the Economic Times article. The Economic Times has subsequently published an article, on 16 June 2010, with the headline: "Richard Pinder apologises to Sir Martin Sorrell" including Richard Pinder's letter, and it is available here.

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