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Why BrandZ?

A Proven Link to Market Share

Most companies know how people feel about their brands. All companies know how their brands are performing in the marketplace. BrandZ links the two and provides a proven diagnostic and predictive tool that evaluates the strength of brands and can relate it to future changes in market share.

Quantification of a Brand's Strength

Unique to our approach is recognition that in all markets, a small number of consumers account for a large proportion of sales. Loyal consumers are more valuable to a brand than occasional users. The BrandDynamicsTM Pyramid quantifies the extent to which a brand has converted consumers into a pool of bonded, or loyal and committed, consumers.

Identifying the position and potential of a brand

By comparing a brand's success at converting consumers up to the bonded level of the BrandDynamics Pyramid with the average conversion rates for brands of the same size, we derive a Brand Signature which identifies your brand's relative strengths and weaknesses.

Additional analyses identify the nature of challenges facing the brand.

These key BrandZ measures help diagnose key drivers of effective marketing programs.

A Diagnostic Tool

We have asked over 2m+ consumers and professionals to explicitly compare brands within hundreds of categories in a way which allows us to understand what drives behaviour within each category.

This has enabled us to construct a diagnostic tool which can be used to guide marketing decisions, help companies increase the return on their brand investments and stretch their brands into other sectors and countries.

By benchmarking a brand against thousands of other brands on a number of different criteria, BrandZ provides a robust diagnostic system. This reveals strengths and weaknesses on various dimensions consistent across categories, plus category-specific criteria including performance and price.

For details of how Brand Voltage, Brand Signature and the BrandDynamics Pyramid are derived, please see the What is brandz? section.