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What is Brand Signature?

In sustaining a relationship with the consumer and increasing loyalty, a brand will succeed in converting more individuals up the Brand Pyramid.

The rate at which a brand converts people from one level to the next is calculated; by comparing this with what you would expect given the brand's size, we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of a brand relative to other brands in its category. This method eliminates the effect of size, thus allowing you to compare the strengths of two brands regardless of whether they are small or large.

Brand signature graph A Brand Signature might look like this:

Each bar corresponds to one level of the Brand Pyramid Red bars on the left of the line indicate that the brand converts fewer people than expected; blue bars to the right indicate the brand converts more people than expected.

Example: A brand with this Brand Signature is not relevant to everyone but those for whom it is relevant form a committed and fanatical following.

The Brand Signature quickly identifies marketing challenges and opportunities for brands.