Our approach
Business air travel accounted for almost 35% of our total carbon footprint in 2012 - at about 96,000 tonnes of CO2. This makes it the second largest contributor to our carbon footprint.

Business air travel is a necessary part of the way we work. Much of what we do as a business is face-to-face and international nature. These personal relationships, especially with clients, are important to our success. However, we recognise that extensive air travel has an undeniable impact on the environment and may affect the well-being of our people. Striking the right balance as our business grows is important but challenging.

We aim to reduce non-essential flights - especially between our own offices - by encouraging both internal and client-facing teams to make better use of videoconferencing and other collaboration tools.

What we're doing
In 2009, we launched WPP Connect, an umbrella program that aims to promote the use of videoconferencing (VC) across the Group. At the end of 2012, the program supported over 540 VC units in over 50 major cities around the world. WPP Connect supports our operating companies by providing:
  • 75 shared high-definition VC facilities that can be used by any WPP company;
  • A shared VC infrastructure currently supporting over 465 VC facilities exclusive to our operating companies;
  • Conference production services to assist operating companies with the production of complex and/or critical videoconferencing calls involving multiple systems, users and content types.

Our performance
For a full summary of our progress in this area, read our latest Sustainability Report. The table below provides key performance data on our air travel emissions since 2007:

WPP's carbon emissions from air travel
  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Tonnes ofCO2 90,202 76,517 86,340 100,961 96,080
Tonnes of CO2 per person 0.95 0.77 0.82 0.87 0.83

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