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(T) +81 (0) 3 3547 2111
(F) +81 (0)3 3547 2345

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Asia Pacific
North America

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Asatsu-DK Inc. is Japan's third-largest full service advertising agency and the tenth largest marketing organization in the world.

Since our establishment in 1956, ADK's unique management philosophy, "Management by All", has given the agency a reputation in the industry as being creative, hard working and people-oriented.





corporate & consumer advertising
Animation & other content businesses
Digital-related business solutions
Direct marketing
Media planning & buying
Public relations
Sales promotion & events

World Headquarters

Asatsu-DK - Tokyo Tokyo Japan

Regional Headquarters

Asatsu-DK - Hoofddorp Hoofddorp Netherlands
Asatsu-DK - New York New York United States

Office Location Country
Asatsu-DK - Fujian Fujian China
Asatsu-DK - Guangzhou Guangzhou China
Asatsu-DK - Shanghai Shanghai China
Asatsu-DK - Paris Paris France
Asatsu-DK - Frankfurt Frankfurt Germany
Asatsu-DK - Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong
Asatsu-DK - Delhi Delhi India
Asta Atria Surya - Jakarta Jakarta Indonesia
ADK Digital Communications Inc - Tokyo Tokyo Japan
Asatsu-DK - Fukuoka Fukuoka Japan
Asatsu-dk - Hiroshima Hiroshima Japan
Asatsu-DK - Kanazawa Kanazawa Japan
Asatsu-DK - Matsuyama Matsuyama Japan
Asatsu-DK - Morioka Morioka Japan
Asatsu-DK - Nagoya Nagoya Japan
Asatsu-DK - Niigata Niigata Japan
Asatsu-DK - Okayama Okayama Japan
Asatsu-DK - Osaka Osaka Japan
Asatsu-DK - Sapporo Sapporo Japan
Asatsu-DK - Sendai Sendai Japan
Asatsu-DK - Takamatsu Takamatsu Japan
Asatsu-DK - Seoul Seoul Korea (South)
Asatsu-DK - Petaling Jaya Petaling Jaya Malaysia
Asatsu-DK - Pasig City Pasig City Philippines
ADK Asia Regional Center - Singapore Singapore Singapore
Asatsu-DK - Singapore Singapore Singapore
United-Asatsu International Ltd - Taipei Taipei Taiwan
ADK Thai Holding Ltd. - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Asatsu-DK - Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
Asatsu-DK - Los Angeles Los Angeles United States
Asatsu-DK - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

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